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CAE Reading Exam Format

CAE Reading Exam Format

CAE Reading Exam Format

Okay, so the 'CAE Reading Exam Format' video below will show you:

-A general overview of the CAE exam.

-The format of C1 Advanced: CAE Reading and Use of English paper. The Reading and Use of English sections are combined into 1 exam paper. Nevertheless, you are marked on each section individually.

-How many different questions there are in the Reading and Use of English exam paper.

-What parts 5-8 of the CAE Reading test look like.

-Extra exam tips...remember to watch till the end 😉

Handbook for Teachers

Be aware that part 1 of the 'Use of English' section is now marked as part of the 'Reading''s weird, don't ask me why they did this! I have added a link to part 1 of the Reading & Use of English paper next. After you finish the Use of English part 1 page you will then find a link to part 5 of the 'Reading' paper.

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CAE Reading Part 1 - Multiple-choice cloze - This used to be part of the Use of English paper, but recently the classification changed and it is now considered to be part of the CAE Reading test. This is important to know when you are considering which exam papers you find the hardest and when deciding which sections of the exam you should complete first. You don't need to follow the order of the exam paper, in fact I would advise you to focus on your quickest and strongest parts first!

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