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CAE Reading Part 1

CAE Reading Part 1

This video teaches you a technique to pass the C1 Advanced: CAE Reading part 1. You will also learn how to use this strategy with real CAE Reading test sample papers. You will then complete these CAE sample tests for homework.

Extra CAE Reading tip: Read lots of different texts in English. Newspapers, books, magazines etc. You can find some some useful specific resources to read on my CAE resources page.

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Extra CAE Use of English tip: When reading these different texts and passages, notice which prepositions the adjectives and verbs collocate with and underline these.

If you learn my technique and repeat it over and over before the exam, you will prepare yourself in a very effective way. You may need to watch the same video a few times and practise using it before you remember it!

Remember this part of the exam used to be in the 'CAE Use of English' paper, but it is now classified as part of the 'Reading' paper.

CAE Reading part 1 tip: Notice that I used the words 'used to + infinitive' in the last sentence. We use 'used to + infinitive' to show a past habit or a past state that no longer exists. This is a very common mistake for CAE exam students. If you want to see more similar mistakes, check out my common errors at C1 Advanced page.

Sample Paper 4 - page 2
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key - page 18
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CAE Reading Part 1 Practice

It's time to practise using the technique you learnt above.

I explain everything in this video...

Write the dictation down here.

English word families and sentence structures | 2 Great Resources

Here is the empty passage and the options for you:

CAE Reading Part 1 Exercise

CAE Reading Part 1 Multiple-choice Cloze

CAE Reading Part 1 Answers

You can see the completed passage with the answers in the picture below:

CAE Reading Part 1 Answers


This next video explains why the answers are correct:

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