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CAE Reading Part 6

CAE Reading Part 6

Welcome to this page! I hope you're doing well....did you arrive at this page from CAE Reading part 5? Or did you find this page another way? Leave a comment below telling me, I'd love to find out...and it's really useful for me to know!


Do you struggle with part 6 of the CAE Reading paper?

If the answer is "YES!!! Please please please help me!"

Then don't worry, I will help you.

In fact, by the time you reach the bottom of this page, you will have learnt the best strategy to successfully complete part 6 of the C1 Advanced Reading paper. You will also have practised using this strategy with sample papers. So you will be well on your way to preparing yourself for the CAE exam.

Without further ado, let's watch my video 'How to pass C1 Advanced: CAE Reading Part 6'.

But before we do that, the phrase 'without further ado' could be a good phrase to use in the exam, especially in the CAE Speaking paper part 3. It means to do something immediately.

While watching this video, complete the exercises with me and make sure you watch till the end and complete the homework!

Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key - page 18
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