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CAE Reading Test Introduction

What's that? You want to learn the best techniques to pass the CAE Reading test?

Well, luckily for you, you are now a member of this website, which means you can learn how to pass this exam by training all by yourself! I know, you're going to save yourself a lot of time and money simply by following the videos and layout of this page.

If you want to show your appreciation, write a comment at the bottom of the page! I love hearing from my students! Also, don't forget to tell your friends and family how amazing this website is 😉 I really appreciate that.

On this page you will watch a video which shows you how to fully benefit from this CAE Reading course. You will then be directed to the next page, which tells you about the format of the C1 Advanced: CAE Reading test.

If you follow the order of the pages, clicking the links at the bottom of each page, you will be taken to the next part of the course. These pages will give you a great starting point for your exam preparation and I have designed this course in a specific way so that by the end, you will:

-know what to expect on exam day

-understand and (hopefully) remember the CAE Reading exam format

-have learnt a great strategy for each part of the CAE Reading test.

-have practised using these strategies with sample exam papers.

I really hope you find the pages useful. I recommend writing down and trying to remember the information you learn as you go through this course. When you're ready, click the links at the bottom of the pages to move on to the next part of the course. Alternatively, you can skip to specific exam sections from my Cambridge exam preparation page!

How To Benefit From This Course

Ignore the recommended videos when you pause and when the video finishes. They will distract you from following the order of this course.

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CAE Reading Exam Format - It is really useful for you to know the format of each exam paper. If you know the format, you will know what to expect in the exam. This can help relieve stress and nerves from the exam day, which is one of the biggest reasons why students fail the CAE exam! Another big reason is that they do not prepare themselves well enough. Remember the 6 Ps. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. That is why it is so important for you to keep following the order of these pages and continue to prepare yourself properly for this exam. I've already done a lot of the hard work for you, just follow my lead and go to my CAE Reading exam format page now!

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