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CAE Speaking Part 3

CAE Speaking Part 3

Part 3 of the CAE Speaking paper can be difficult as you cannot predict who your partner will be. I will show you a technique to follow and I will also prepare you for different types of speaking partners.

CAE Speaking Part 3 Format

In part 3, you have a question to discuss with the other candidate(s).

The exercise takes the form of a spider diagram.

The question is in the middle of a sheet of paper and it has some ideas connected to it. You don't need to discuss all of these ideas while answering the question.

If there are 2 candidates you have 2 minutes, if there are 3 candidates you have 3 minutes.

The examiner then asks you another question related to the topic. The question will require you to speak for about 1 minute and come to some sort of decision. You do not have to agree with your partner.

Let's watch a video to help us remember this information and learn a technique to use in part 3...

C1 Advanced Handbook for Teachers - page 84.
Book Lessons

CAE Speaking Part 3 Technique

1. You should try to discuss two or three points in detail. You don't have to discuss all of the points.

2. Aim to discuss three points, then you can show more language ability.

3. You can ask your partner a question immediately if they don’t start speaking:

Shall I get the ball rolling?

*did you notice the word ‘they’ a couple of sentences ago. When we don’t know the gender of the person we are talking about, we often use ‘they’ for a single person.

4. Use the ‘OWA’ technique:

-State what your Opinion about an idea.
-Explain Why you have that opinion.
-Ask your partner for his/her opinion.

This simple technique could generate further discussion.

5. Use some phrases to show agreement or disagreement with your partner.

6. Use some phrases to move from one point to the next:

'Moving on to…..'
'With regard to....'

CAE Speaking Part 3 Practice Example 1

Below is a recording I made from a lesson with CAE student Alex.

We do a CAE speaking part 3 practice example and I write useful comments on the screen at the same time.

You can skip my introduction here and watch the video on youtube. If you do this, please remember to 'like' the video and subscribe to my channel as this will help more students find my work 🙂

C1 Advanced Speaking Part 3 Practice Example 2

If you enjoyed the last video, you'll probably enjoy the next video even more!

The next video is longer and goes into more detail.

Remember to have a pen and paper ready to make notes on. You could even write your notes on this document.

You can skip my introduction by going to 01:14.


Practice Example 3

If you want to watch another video full of tips and tricks for Part 3, sign up for membership here.

CAE speaking part 3

CAE Speaking Part 3 Homework >>

    1. Make a part 3 spider diagram.
    2. Create a decision making question.
    3. Find someone to complete the task with.
    4. Film your discussion of the spider diagram and the decision making question.
    5.  Send your video and your exercise to

Hopefully I'll have time to watch your video and give you feedback. YIPEE 🙂

Next Video >>

CAE Speaking Part 4 - Discussion - This is the final part of the speaking exam.

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