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CAE Speaking Part 4

CAE Speaking Part 4

Part 4 is the final part of the CAE Speaking paper....phewwww!

In this part you and your partner have to answer questions that the examiners ask you. The questions are related to the topic you discussed in part 3. You should respond to the examiner. You can also respond to what your partner says. Your opinions are not really important.

What is important?

1. How you express yourself through language
2. The structure of your answers

CAE Speaking Tip: The examiner might ask you to comment on your partner's response, so make sure you listen to what they say!

Right, let's watch the next video to learn loads of CAE Speaking part 4 tips as well as some useful language to use in this part of the exam. I will give you a homework exercise to complete, so make sure you watch till the end of the video...

C1 Advanced Handbook for Teachers - page 84.
Book Lessons

CAE Speaking Part 4 Technique

Before the exam:

1. Think of various global or important everyday issues and write down some questions related to them.

2. Practise answering these questions with someone you know, e.g. a friend or another English student.

3. Focus on developing full and coherent answers using ‘OW’, stating your Opinion, then saying Why you think something:

Question: 'do you think we should prepare better for global pandemics?'

Answer: 'Yes, I think we should certainly be more prepared than the last time....'


Reason for answer: '...because, in my opinion we could have reduced the spread and the number of deaths with better planning and coordination.'

Ask your partner to give differing opinions about one idea. Then you can practise using language of agreement and disagreement.

Remember to state Why you agree/disagree:

'I disagree because....'
I couldn't agree more, after all....'

Homework - Your CAE Speaking part 4 answer >>

      1. Create your own part 4 questions or find some in a sample test.
      2. Make a video in landscape on your mobile answering these questions.
      3. Send email the video to and tell me where you got the part 4 questions.

      I will try to give you feedback if I have time!

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