CAEUse of English

CAE Use of English Part 1

CAE Use of English Part 1

CAE Use of English Part 1

The first video on this page is a really popular dictation I did of a CAE Use of English part 1 sample paper. At the end of the video I ask you to complete the questions using the technique I teach you. This helps you practice for the CAE Use of English part 1 while at the same time improving your listening, writing, reading, spelling and grammar skills. Dictations are a great way to learn, if you want to learn why, click here. Otherwise, follow and complete the exercises in this next video:

The next video on this page will teach you the tips and techniques I have been teaching my students for many years. These are techniques I made by gathering together all my knowledge and resources. I really hope you find them useful! If you do, remember to subscribe in the bottom right corner of the video 😉

Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key - Page 18
English Word Families And Sentence Structures
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Book Lessons

If you have any other recommendations for how to successfully pass part 1 of the Use of English paper, please write them below!

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