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CAE Use of English Part 2

CAE Use of English Part 2

Hey guys, this is a place where we can find the best resources on the internet for preparing part 2 of the C1 Advanced: CAE Use of English paper. If you want to add anything to this page, remember you can write a comment at the bottom!

CAE Use of English Part 2 Format

Similar to part 1 of the 'Use of English' section, you have one passage with 8 blanks to fill. ‘Blank’ is a synonym of ‘gap’. I talk about these words a lot in my work, especially in my dictation videos. Anyway, the difference is in part 2, you do not have any options to choose from. You need to think of a word to fill the gap.

Let's revise this format again and start learning some techniques to pass this tricky part of the exam by watching the video below...

Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key - Page 18
English Word Families And Sentence Structures
C1 Advanced Coursebooks

CAE Use of English Part 2 Technique

Here is a quick summary of the technique we learnt in the video above:

1. In 30 seconds, read the whole passage to get an understanding of the text.

2. Locate the first gap.

3. Read the whole sentence and use the meaning to guess the missing word.

4. What type of word do you need in the gap? Use your knowledge of word formations and sentence structures to identify the words before and after!

5. Is it a preposition, a verb, a relative pronoun?

CAE Use of English Part 2 Practice

Okay, so hopefully you've got that technique in your head. However, knowing the technique and using the technique are two different things. You need to be able to use it effectively in the exam and the best way to do that is through practice exercises.

CAE Tip: Did you notice I used the word 'however' in the last paragraph? This is the type of comparison word which is good to use in part 2 of the Speaking paper and it is also suitable for most essays.

So, you're going to watch another video where we can practise the technique above. Not only are we going to practise the technique, we are also going to improve our general English skills and remind ourselves how to successfully pass the Speaking part 1 at the same time! "But are we going to do all these things at once" I hear you ask. Good question, watch the live video I filmed below and find out!

CAE Tip 2: Did you notice I used the phrase 'not only are we going to...' in the last paragraph? This is an example of inversion. It's good to show your knowledge of these type of more complicated grammatical structures in the exam!

Here is a copy of the passage without the answers:

cae use of english part 2



Here is a copy of the passage with the answers:

use of english open cloze

Do you know why the answers above are correct? If not, I suggest signing up for membership and then the picture you can see below will turn into a video where I explain all the answers in more detail!

cae use of english part 2

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