CAEUse of English

CAE Use of English Part 2

CAE Use of English part 2

CAE Use of English Part 2

Hey guys, this is a place where we can find the best resources on the internet for preparing part 2 of the C1 Advanced: CAE Use of English paper. If you want to add anything to this page, remember you can write a comment at the bottom!

Sample Paper 4
Sample Paper 4 Answer Key - Page 18
English Word Families And Sentence Structures
C1 Advanced Coursebooks

CAE Use of English Part 2 Technique

Here is a quick summary of the technique we learnt in the video above:

1. In 30 seconds, read the whole passage to get an understanding of the text.

2. Locate the first gap.

3. Read the whole sentence and use the meaning to guess the missing word.

4. What type of word do you need in the gap? Use your knowledge of word formations and sentence structures to identify the words before and after!

5. Is it a preposition, a verb, a relative pronoun?

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