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How To Write An FCE Article

How to write an FCE article

How to Write An FCE Article

Do you know how to write an FCE article which will get the examiners smiling?

The way to do this is simple. You need to tick their boxes.

What are their boxes?

Their boxes are what you studied on my FCE Writing Marking critieria page. If you cannot remember them, you should go back and watch that video.

These marking criteria will guide you in your FCE article preparation.

We will look at these in more detail by examining some FCE exam samples.

FCE Article Tip: Ask the reader a question. This will engage them in the article.

FCE Handbook for Teachers

FCE Writing Article Format

Remember for part 2 of the FCE writing part 2 you might have to write: an article, an informal email or letter, a formal email, letter, a report or a review.

They give you 3 questions from the above options and you have to answer 1 question.

One of the questions could be an article.

As I explained in the video above, you need to write between 140-190 words.

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