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FCE Cambridge | How To Pass B2 First Certificate

FCE Cambridge | How To Pass B2 First Certificate

Great! You've reached the final page of this course before the B2 First frequently asked questions.

On this page I will tell you exactly what you need to do from now until the exam to prepare yourself in the best way possible.

But before that, if you haven't seen my other FCE courses, you should click the links below.

FCE Speaking

FCE Listening

FCE Use of English

FCE Reading

FCE Writing

8 Steps To Passing | FCE Cambridge

If you've completed all of the video courses above, then you've made a great start on your journey to passing the FCE Cambridge B2 First Certificate.

But your journey is not over yet and in the video below I will explain why.

I will also explain where and how to book your exam and give you loads of useful extra resources to continue your FCE preparation.

So, if you've watched the video above, you will see there are several steps you need to take before exam day. Since making this video, I've slightly reordered these steps:

1. Learn the format of the exam (new addition). If you've finished my courses above, you've done this already!
2. Learn a technique for every part of the exam. If you've completed the courses above, you've already done this step!
3. Practise using these techniques. Practice, practise practise! There are some practice tests here.
4. Measure your progress. You need to average 60% across all the exam papers to pass. BEWARE many of my students have told me the exam is more difficult than the practice exercises they completed in coursebooks. That's why I recommend my students to be getting 70% or higher before entering the exam. You can find 10 + useful practice tests here.
5. Identify and focus on your weakest areas of the exam.
6. Book your exam: Find an exam centre.
7. Confirm your exam details. If you haven't received confirmation from your exam centre, call them and make sure they have your details.
8. Plan your exam day. You want to make this day as stress free as possible.
-How will you get to the exam?
-What time does the exam start?

Check out my Cambridge B2 First Frequently Asked Questions page to make sure you know what to expect on exam day!

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