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FCE Listening Course

B2 First: FCE Listening Course

FCE Listening Course

A big warm welcome to my FCE Listening course.

After completing this course, you'll be amazed at how well prepared you are for the FCE listening test!

FCE Listening Tip: In multiple choice exercises, try to answer the question before looking at the options. I will talk about this more in the next few pages!

Below you will find links to the different pages in this course. I highly recommend you to start with 'FCE Listening Test Introduction' and follow the order of the pages by clicking 'Next Video >>' at the bottom of every page.

You have the opportunity to ask me any questions at the bottom of each page!

Extra FCE Listening tip: Download audible and start listening to free audio books while you are travelling, cooking etc. I recommend Sherlock Holmes.

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FCE Listening Test Introduction
FCE Listening Exam Format
FCE Listening Part 1
FCE Listening Part 2
FCE Listening Part 3
FCE Listening Part 4

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