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FCE Listening Test

FCE Listening Test Introduction

Welcome to this FCE Listening Test Introduction page.

I just want to tell you quickly that in the next few pages you will:

-learn a technique for each part of the FCE Listening test.

-practice using these techniques with sample exam papers.

At the bottom of every page click the 'Next Video >>' link to go to the next page.

Remember you can write a comment at the bottom of each page if you have any questions.

Here is the first video in this course:

You can add subtitles by clicking the 'settings' ⚙️ icon when the video begins.

FCE Listening Tip: Some students struggle to start concentrating immediately when the listening exam begins. If you are doing a paper based exam, I recommend physically putting your finger on the question to help keep your focus. In the computer based exam, you can place your mouse cursor over the question you are answering. 

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