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FCE Reading Exam Format

FCE Reading Exam Format

If you've arrived at this page, you're keen to learn the best techniques to pass the B2 First: FCE exam. This shows you're a motivated student and that's great! This page will help you. If you understand the FCE Reading exam format, you will get better marks in the exam because you can prepare better for each part.

-FCE Tip: Be aware, recent changes to the exam mean that part 1 of the Use of English section is now marked as part of the Reading section. You should time yourself when completing sample exercises before the exam. You should also count your marks. Based on this information you should decide the order in which to complete the Reading and Use of English exam paper. You do not need to complete Part 1, part 2, part 3 etc. in order. You can start with part 5 and then go to part 2, then part 4 etc.

Watch till the end of the video for an extra tip 😉

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FCE Reading Part 1 - Multiple-choice cloze - This was part of the Use of English paper, but it is now marked as part of the FCE Reading test.

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