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How To Write An FCE Report

How to Write An FCE Report

Many of my students ask me, "Rory, how can I write a really good report?" Do you often ask the same question?

Well, luckily for you, this page will really help you to improve your FCE writing test score.

But before we get started with that, I need to know that you're concentrating. So, I'd like you to stand up and jump up and down 10 times. While jumping, I'd like you to imagine yourself jumping towards a better future. Just like the woman in the picture below, that is exactly what you'll be doing by learning the information on this page. Passing the FCE exam opens many doors for students around the world.

Success, Business Woman, Career, Jump, Risk, Reach, Job

FCE Tip: Did you notice I used the phrase 'opens many doors' in the last paragraph? This phrase isn't literal here. What I mean is passing the exam can open many more opportunities for you. The phrase 'open many doors' is a great phrase to know and you could use it in the FCE speaking part 1. If the examiner asks you "why do you want to learn English", you can respond "I want to learn English because understanding this language opens many doors for people in my country".

Okay, let's carry on (continue) with 'how to write an FCE report'. You'll need to register as an FCE/CAE student to watch the video below, so if you haven't done so yet register here. Make sure you have a pen or pencil and a piece of paper because you will need to use these to complete the practice exercises in the video:

How To Write A FCE Report

Remember, to watch the video above, you need to register as an FCE/CAE student here or if you have FCE/CAE student membership log in

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