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How To Write An FCE Review

How to Write An FCE Review

Do you want to know how to write a fantastic FCE review which which help you get a higher FCE score?

If you reply "Absolutely! Abso abso abso lutely!" then that's great, but you probably need to calm down a bit, it's not that exciting. It is quite exciting though because you are going to learn some really useful tips and techniques in the video on this page. You will also analyse a sample answer from an FCE practice test.

FCE Tip: Did you notice I used the phrase 'you are going to learn' in the last paragraph? You can use the phrase 'be going to + infinitive' to talk about an almost certain action or state in the future. You can use this expression in the FCE exam.

I recommend having a pen or pencil and a piece of paper with you so you can complete the tasks in this video with me. If you complete the tasks with me you will be preparing yourself much better for the exam. Invest your time wisely and prepare yourself properly right now:

How To Write An FCE Review

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