FCEFCE Use of English

FCE Use of English Part 3

FCE Use of English Part 3

FCE Use of English Part 3
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FCE Use of English Part 3 Tips

1. Read the whole passage quickly (about 30 seconds) to understand the context.

2. Locate the first gap. Look at the words before and after the gap then decide what type of word you need in the gap.

3. Revise your knowledge of English word families and sentence structures before the exam. This will help you identify what type of word you need. Check out this page: https://studentlanguages.com/english-word-families-and-sentence-structures/

4. After you have chosen your word, check that it fits the overall meaning of the sentence.

5. Check that you don't need to make your word negative with a prefix!

6. Check your spelling!

If you want to practise using this strategy with a real sample exam paper, then you should definitely check out my FCE Use of English part 3 video above. This video is full of useful information and techniques. You can also watch me use these techniques to find the correct answers!

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