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FCE Writing Test

FCE Writing Test Introduction

Would you like to know how to pass the B2 First: FCE Writing Test?
Well, you've come to the right place. You're about to learn how to navigate this FCE Writing course effectively.

I designed this website in a specific style so you'll be practising and learning for the exam without even realising.

To make the most of the course, make sure you don't miss any content.

FCE Tip: Can you see the expression 'make the most of' in the sentence above? This means to take the greatest benefit from something. For example, 'I made the most of my drive to work by listening to English audio books'.

Make sure you:

-Read all the information on the next few pages.

-Watch all the videos from start to finish.

-Complete the activities and homework exercises.

There is a 'Next Video >>' link at the bottom of every page which will lead you through the course. Simply click that link to follow the order of the course.

Now, let's watch the first video:

FCE Handbook For Teachers
Ready for First Coursebook
Ready for First Workbook

Remember, you can add subtitles by clicking the 'settings' '⚙️' button when the videos starts.

FCE Writing Test Advice

A lot of my students worry about the writing part of the exam and from my experience it does seem that examiners mark writing papers quite harshly.

The important things are to:

1. Understand the examiners marking criteria.

2. Have a good strategy in place for how you will answer any type of question.

3. Make sure you plan your writing well.

4. Make sure you practise before the exam and TIME YOURSELF!!!

5. Measure how long your writing is during practice so you have an idea how much you need to write in the exam.

6. Give your writing a good structure!

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FCE Writing Exam Format - You should know what to expect on exam day by learning the format of the FCE exam!

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