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Use of English Word Formation | Dictation Practice 3

Use of English Word Formation | Dictation Practice

On this page you will find a Use of English word formation exercise. Before you complete the exercise, I suggest writing down the dictation which the exercise is from. This will help you in a number of ways. Firstly, the dictation is based on tips and tricks for passing part 2 of the FCE and CAE Speaking papers, so having a note of these could be really useful. Secondly, dictation is simply a fantastic way to improve your language skills. If you want to find out more about why dictations are so beneficial, I suggest taking a look at my dictation playlist on YouTube. The first video explains their benefits.

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Use of English Word Formation Dictation

Are you ready to practice the word formation section of the exam while at the same time doing a dictation exercise?

If so, watch the video below and complete the appropriate sections on my online dictation template.

Watch the video below:

Dictation Worksheet

English word families and sentence structures

Dictation Passage

use of english word formation

Dictation Mistake

Did you notice any mistakes in the dictation?

There was 1 mistake in the dictation above.

If you found it, write a 'comment' below telling me what it is...

Completed Dictation With Answers

Word Formation Dictation Answers & Explanations

In the video below you will see why the answers for 'dictation episode 6' above are correct.

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Use of English Open Cloze


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