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CAE Listening Part 2

CAE Listening Part 2

The CAE Listening Part 2 involves one long passage and filling in the blanks. I'll show you the best way to complete this task.

But before I do, write a comment below telling me which English accent you find hardest to understand. If you say 'Scottish' for example, I can find more samples to help you with that specific accent.

Do you know where this picture was taken?

Eilean Donan Castle, Castle, Eilean Donan, Scotland

It's from Scotland!

The home of 'Braveheart'. Maybe you've heard of 'William Wallace'? He was played by Mel Gibson in the film 'Braveheart'. Mel is American actor but he lived in Australia for a while.

Can you hear the difference between American, Australian and Scottish accents? You may hear all three accents and more in the CAE exam, so you should practise listening to all three.

That is why the CAE Listening tip I told you on my CAE listening part 1 page is extra useful! Listen to different accents speaking in English. An easy way to practise is with a 30 day free trial of audible. Sign up and listen to my recommended book here:

CAE Listening Part 2 Technique

Watch the following video.

Write down my 3 key steps from the video below on a piece of paper.

Complete the sample paper question with me and complete the homework at the end of the lesson.

CAE Listening Part 2
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CAE Listening Part 2 Tips

The C1 Advanced listening part 2 can be really straightforward if you have the correct technique in place and do enough practice activities. If you didn't watch my video above, here is a quick summary:

1. Take a few seconds to read and get an understanding of the topic.

2. Learn about word families and sentence structures and think what type of word you need to put in the gap.

3. Watch out for expressions, collocations, phrasal verbs etc.

4. Write the same words as you hear in the passage.

5. Write something the first time you listen. Confirm and listen for general meaning the second time you listen.

6. Mind you spelling. Is your word in the correct form, for example if it's a third person verb, did you remember to add an 's' to the end (very common mistake with Latin language based learners)!

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