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CAE Listening Part 3

CAE Listening Part 3

This CAE Listening Part 3 will teach you the best technique to use to successfully pass this multiple choice task.

Quick CAE Listening Tip: Identifying attitudes and opinions is key to high marks in this part of the exam. Make sure you find a good C1 Advanced book which teaches you this type of vocabulary.

Do you already have a CAE book? Write the name of the book below and say if you like it. This information will be really useful advice for other students!

At the moment, you can access this folder which has over 10 different CAE books in pdf format, ready for you to download.

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CAE Listening Part 3 Technique

Watch the video below.

There are 4 steps in my CAE Listening Part 3 technique. Write these down.

Complete the exercises in the video and do the homework before moving on to part 4.

C1 Advanced: CAE Listening Part 3
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CAE Listening Part 3 Tips

If you have read other pages on my website, you know how very important it is to understand and be able to use a strategy for every part of this exam.

I will summarise the part 3 strategy here for you:

1. Read the question and underline the most important words.

2. Think about the differences between a,b,c,d if they are not obvious.

3. Indicate what you think is the correct answer the first time you listen.

4. Confirm your thoughts the second time you listen.

If you want to practise your listening skills more, I advise listening to this book with audible. At the moment they are offering it for free with a 30 day trial.

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