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CAE Listening Part 4

CAE Listening Part 4

Would you like to pass the CAE Listening Part 4? Well, this page will help.

You are going to learn a 4 step technique to tackling part 4 in the exam.

You are also going to practise using this technique with sample exam papers.

Finally, you will see what you should do from now until you get to the exam to prepare yourself properly.

Remember to watch till the end and complete the homework exercise!

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Handbook for Teachers
CAE Listening Questions
CAE Listening Part 4 Audio File
Listening Answer Key - page 2

CAE Listening Part 4 - Technique

I recently reviewed my technique in the video above and wrote it down in a numbered format for you to follow:

1. You have 45 seconds to look at the questions before the recording starts. Use this time to read the A-H options for questions 21-25 and the other A-H options for questions 26-30. Underline the most important (key words) and write down some synonyms and other words related to the key words.

2. The first time you listen, try to write the correct letter next to each question. You might think there is more than one correct answer, so write both letters next to the appropriate boxes.

3. Confirm your answers the second time the recording is played. If you’re stuck between two options, check if you have either option next to another question. If you have ‘F’ and ‘G’ next to question 22 for example, do you also have ‘F’ next to question 25? If yes, and you don’t have ‘G’ next to another question, choose ‘G’ for 22 and ‘F’ for 25.

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