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CAE Listening Test

CAE Listening Test Introduction

This CAE Listening Test Introduction page is one of the first pages in my CAE Listening Course.

It took me a long time to build this course, so I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

Some highlights of the course include:

-techniques for each part of the CAE Listening test.

-practice using these techniques with sample tests.

-extra tips and resources for the listening paper.

This course really does give you everything you need to prepare yourself effectively for the CAE listening test. Just keep working through the following pages and remember you can always write a comment at the bottom of each page if you have any questions!

Below is the first video in this course. Remember you can click 'cc' to turn on subtitles 😉

Quick CAE Listening Tip: When you are practising the listening exercises in this course, sit in a place where there is background noise. In the exam some of the listening exercises may be located in public areas, for example, train stations. So, prepare for this by putting noise in the background while you listen!

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CAE Listening Exam Format - Knowing what to expect in each exam paper is a vital step in all of my CAE preparation online courses.

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